Killing Floor 2 Admin Commands

The following is a list of admin commands in game.

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Admin Commands

Admin CommandDescription
adminlogin password Logs you in as admin using password
adminlogout Logs out admin mod
admin adminsay message Displays message in the middle of each player's screen
admin map KF-mapname.rom Changes current map to KF-mapname.rom
admin Switch KF-mapname.rom Changes current map to KF-mapname.rom
pause Pauses the game (needs to be set to true via 'Web Admin'
admin Kick remove a user from the game. A user can either be their ID (as shown by kick list)
admin KickBan Ban a user from the game. A user can either be their ID (as shown by kick list)
admin RestartMap Restart Current Map.
admin NextMap Go to NextMap.
admin PlayerList Write player list save to KillingFloor.log

Cheat Commands

- You must use the 'enablecheats' command before any of these can be activated
- Cheats will disable achievments and level up perks

This is a work in progress, if you find any commands or know of more commands please contact us here

Allammo 999 ammo for every weapon
ArmorMe [INT] Gives [INT] Armor
Assault Gives Rifle Weapons
AllWeapons Gives all weapons
ChangeSize 0-5 Scale the player's size to be x default size
DemiGod Survive on 1HP
DoshMe x Gives money x amount
Flame Gives Flame Weapons 0-None 1-MaxAmmo
Fly Sets fly mode
Ghost Noclip mode
God God mode
HealMe [INT] Heals the player
Imrich Loads of Money
Killbots Kills spawned bots
Killzeds Kill all zeds
KillViewedActor use it to kill the bot Viewed
Loaded Gives 999 ammo for every weapon
Melee Gives melee weapons 0-None 1-MaxAmmo
Medic Gives Medic Weapons
Nails You've got NailGun!
OpenTrader Allows trading
OpenTraderNext Closes current trader and opens next
OpenTraderMenu Opens trader menu
Pistols Gives all pistol weapons
Playersonly Freezes everything except players
Rifle Gives rifle weapons
SMG Gives SMG Weapons
SetFlash flash screen
Setgravity x Lets you modify the gravity of the current game (-950 = normal gravity).
Setjump x Lets you modify the jump height of the current game.
Shotty Gives all shotguns
Show Paths show apple paths of the zeds -UnCheats
Slomo x Lets you modify the game speed of the current game (1 = normal speed).
SpawnHumanPawn 0 1 Adds a bot (does nothing
SpawnZedLods x Spawn a bunch of x
SpawnZED x Spawn single x
SpawnAI x Spawn x which isn't braindead
Summon Summon string ClassName (like Summon kfchar.zombieclot)
ShowDebug can see the path and a lot of word
Teleport Allows You to teleport to the surface (or wall) at your crosshair.
ViewPlayer name View From Players.
ViewSelf View From Own Camera.
Viewed View From Random Zombies.
Walk Disables flying and/or noclip mode
WinMatch Win!

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