How to Install Teamspeak 3 on CentOS

This guide will provide details on how to install a teamspeak 3 server on your Steamline Servers vm or dedicated server.


Step 1.

yum intall bzip2 -y


Step 2.

useradd -m ts3server


Step 3.

cd /home/ts3server


Step 4.



Step 5.

bzip2 -d teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64-3.5.1.tar.bz2


Step 6.

tar xfv teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64-3.5.1.tar


Step 7.

cd teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64


Step 8.

su ts3server


Step 9.

./ start license_accepted=1


Take note of your server token! you need this to get admin on the teamspeak server!

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