Samsung 980 Pro Firmware Update


There are reports of  Samsung 980 Pro SSD failures when using a certain version of firmware, here is a knowledgebase to update the firmware using our SynergyCP and an article below if you wish for more information.


Affected Firmware Version


Checking Firmware:


First, check which SSD you are using. 


Open File Explorer

Right-click C: Drive and go to properties

Click on the Hardware Tab

This tab will show the drives that you are using, if you see Samsung SSD 980 Pro here proceed with the guide. If not your disk is not affected and you don’t need to follow the rest of this guide.


Press Start and open the run prompt.

Type Powershell and press enter

Copy the following command into your powershell terminal and press enter

Get-PhysicalDisk | Get-StorageFirmwareInformation

This will give you a printout of your disk information, take a look at FirmwareVersionInSlow line highlighted below, if this starts with 3B, you will need to update the firmware. If the Firmware version is higher than 3B you can stop following the rest of the guide 






Use the following command to find the Firmware of your current drives.


smartctl --scan | awk '{ system("smartctl -a " $1) }' | grep Firmware


Updating the firmware:


We suggest taking a backup of any important information on your disk, there is a chance this can wipe information on the drive:


Open and login to SynergyCP (The dedicated server panel)


Go to your affected server.


In the Operating System Reload select the profile Samsung Recovery Shell

Click Reload Operating System

Tick “I understand that this will delete all data on the disk.” (This will NOT delete your files, and is a warning for changing Operating Systems)

Click Reload Operating System


Launch KVM/IPMI and wait for the app to load.

Once the screen shows “scp login:” in the terminal, it has loaded.

Type root and press enter

Type ls (small letters LS) and press enter

This should show fumagician in blue, if it does not you will need to reload the OS again.

Type cd fu        then press tab (this should autocomplete to cd fumagician) Then enter

Type ./fu           then press tab (this should autocomplete to ./fumagician) Then enter


Follow the prompts on the screen, and enter y for yes on each prompt.


Once you have gone through all the prompts and updated the firmware, you will be brought back to a terminal screen that says “scp:~/fumagician#” where you can type.


Type reboot and press enter


This will reboot the server back to your OS.


Once your OS reloads, go back to the Checking Firmware step and ensure the update has been successfully updated.


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