Managing the TCAdmin Panel through Discord

Within this knowledgebase, you'll learn how to connect your game service to discord through the TCAdmin Discord bot.

Step 1:

In order to connect your service to discord, you'll need to invite the tcadmin bot to your discord server.
To do this, simply click here.

Step 2:

Once completed, the bot should now be in your discord.
In a private channel, type ;login and the bot will DM you. Follow the prompts given by the bot. 

Step 3:

Once logged in, go to a service on your game panel and press on [Actions].
Within the actions tab, there should be another button that says 'Nexus Authentication', press on this and copy the code that it gives.

Step 4:

Copy that code into the DM that you would have received from the bot. Once completed, head back to the channel that you initially typed ';login' in and select which service you'd like to link. Once completed, the service should synchronise and link together.


Useful Commands:

In a private channel, you can run any of the following commands:

;service - shows the service interface (allows you to start, stop etc)

;players - see a list of players on the service

;link - link another service to discord

If you have any issues with this knowledgebase, please get in contact with the support team and we can assist you further. 

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