Valheims long-awaited update has finally arrived!

That's right, the Mistlands update has officially been released onto the public test branch for all players to install. This update has taken nine months to complete and offers an entire new biome (mistlands), fishing updates, new emotes and new hairstyles and beards.


Wanting to install the update?
Simply right-click your game via Steam, go to "Properties" > "Betas" then where it asks you to put in a beta access code, type in "yesimadebackups" and the public test beta will be available for you to download

Wanting a Valheim Server?
If you're after a fast, affordable and premium server, look no further, get yourself a Valheim server today:

Wanting to install the update on your server?
Simply head into your "Updates" section within your game panel, and press on "Beta Public Test Update" to install the new update!

Thursday, November 24, 2022

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