Phew, it's been a while, hasn't it?

A lot has happened since we posted last, but this post will only cover this year, so let's dive in. Over the course of 2022, we've been continuously growing our network, expanding our existing infrastructure and building on our DDoS protection, providing more advanced detection methods for your game, voice, web and dedicated servers. Moreover, we've been expanding our knowledgebases, upgrading our hardware and building a new game panel.

Out with the old, in with the new
This year, we've primarily focused on upgrading our current hardware. We’ve achieved this by decommissioning older hardware and replacing them with the latest generation AMD 5900x in our major global sites.

Knowledgebase Expansions
Another major objective this year, has been building on and expanding our current knowledgebases, and that's exactly what we've been doing. This has been done through the creation of video tutorials and refactoring of current knowledgebases.

Streamline Panel 2.0
As I'm sure many of you have noticed by now, we've completely overhauled and updated our game panel, promoting faster speeds, plugin managers, batch steam update tools, MySQL manager and an easier-to-use file manager, as well as an updated, more modern design. This panel has been curated specifically from feedback given by clients, through this feedback, we were able to identify the top issues clients faced when interacting with the panel, as well as the top features clients requested through tickets.

Streamline Website 2.0
Talking out modernization with our game panel, we've also got a new website in the works. We've felt for some time now the Streamline website is outdated and no longer adequately represents the Streamline brand, as such, we've got a new website in the works, offering more modern features, a sleek dark design and updated information on our hardware, network and games.

The Streamline Network
This year specifically, the Streamline network has grown exponentially and is now present within 17 different locations across the globe, locations such as Singapore, Syndey, Tokyo, Texas and Amsterdam to name a few. Moreover, we've expanded our DDoS protection to detect more methods than ever (to find a full list of detection methods, head here: These methods have proven effective and have stopped hundreds of DDoS attacks against our network this year.

Team Expansion
As the Streamline brand has grown significantly in 2022, we've expanded our team to continue our commitment to fast, efficient and effective support.

New Game Launches
This year has been quite slow with game launches, as many newly released games aren't supporting multiplayer dedicated servers, however, there have been some big ones. The launch of the mod Skyrim Together has proven massive and the launch of Icarus Dedicated Servers will be even bigger. We're always keeping our eyes open for more games to add to our library, if you have a game in mind, reach out to our support team and we'll get it added.

Celebrating a milestone
This year also marked 15 years of Streamline, in these 15 years, we've been dedicated to offering premium game, voice, web and dedicated servers and we intend on keeping this promise forever.

The Future
There are multiple things in the works at Streamline, that we'll be focusing on for the rest of this year, and next year, these things include:
- The expansion of our network into London
- Continued upgrades to our network
- Offering services in some new locations
- Continued upgrades to our hardware
- Revamp our HPGS and HPGS Plus ranges
That's all of the information that we are currently able to provide, however, there are multiple things in the works behind the scenes that we're not yet ready to announce.

This year has been busy, through the expansion of our network, new locations, a new game panel, and planned new website and hardware upgrades, we've been able to continue to offer premium services, lower ping and increase performance.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

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