It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we deployed our first mitigation devices into Sydney & Singapore. Well, that time has come again… We’ve deployed major mitigation upgrades to our Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland networks.


Sydney, Australia

We’ve deployed another Corero Smartwall device into Sydney, this brings our local Sydney scrubbing capacity to 40Gbit/s. A massive step forward in terms of protection, especially with the increase in large & sophisticated attacks over the last few months.



Melbourne, Australia

Following the trend in Sydney, our Melbourne network has seen exponential grow, and with such the denial of service attacks have followed. To ensure our clients experience uninterrupted services, we have deployed an inline Corero Smartwall to Melbourne. This boasts 20Gbit of local protection for our clients in this site.



Auckland, New Zealand

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our friends across the ditch! Auckland, has also grown over the last few months, and with such we decided it was time to install a device there. This is a massive leap forward in terms of protection for New Zealand! It is the first (of hopefully many) Corero mitigation devices to be protecting the local New Zealand hosting market!





So what’s next for Streamline Servers?
Well, we have a number of plans in the pipeline and we can’t let them all slip right now. However, let’s just say the West Coast is in need of protection. Stay tuned for more news on these upgrades!



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Monday, June 10, 2019

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