After only acquiring the Team Streamline CS:GO roster in February, we could not be more pleased with how they have progressed so far. As we were a newly assembled team, they had to start from the bottom and work their way up.

We managed to qualify third seed for the Australian Esports Master’s Season 4, which saw us head to Adelaide on 23rd March. In the meantime (in the leadup to AEM LAN), the team were battling it out in the Open Qualifier for the last spot for the ESL Australia & New Zealand Championship. Due to the qualifier having no losers bracket, there was fierce competition to join the 14 invited teams. During the day we went undefeated, taking down teams such as Lol123 (now known as Legacy Esports) and Surge.


The team were excited to be traveling to their first LAN event together, as we headed to Adelaide to take on seven other teams who qualified. We arrived Friday afternoon, ready to play our first game against Ground Zero. Our match was scheduled to start at 8PM, however, with delays due to plenty of technical difficulties and even a map restart, the team took out their first Best of Three series 2-0.


Elusive in match one verse Ground Zero



After not getting back to the hotel until 1am, the team got a good night’s sleep before heading back to the venue to take on Taboo Esports later that afternoon. Again, with some delays the team managed to not get distracted and we took the series win 2-1.


Team brunch before afternoon group stage



We were bound for the Semi Finals up against RIOT Gaming, who came in as the underdogs, seeded 8th for the tournament. After a slow start, we clawed our way back from a 0-8 start on map one and took the win 16-13. However, that’s where our fun ended, as RIOT managed to outclass us on the day, taking the series 2-1. RIOT then went on to take out Legacy Esports in the Grand Final.


Left to Right: Elusive, J1rah, prakM, Llamas, Noobster



During this busy stage for the team, we also had to work around our CyberGamer Intermediate and ESEA Open schedules. Playing anywhere between 3-5 matches a week, the boys balanced their practice and official games perfectly. Our efforts in the CyberGamer Intermediate division saw us only lose one match, finishing equal first for the regular season. This effort was backed up with solid results in our ESEA Open journey which saw us take out first place and qualify for the ESEA Mountain Dew League which is due to start in the next month.


Next up for our CS:GO roster is the CyberGamer Intermediate Finals as well as the ESL Australia & New Zealand LAN event which will be held at Supernova in Sydney on June 15th – 17th after qualifying for the event already with one game left to play. We are currently second in the standings after only losing two maps verse ORDER, while taking notable 2-0 wins against Chiefs, Ground Zero and RIOT.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

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